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The Answers You Need

1. What does the price of my ticket cover?  Do breweries pay BrewHop STL to visit them?

Your ticket price covers the full pour you receive at the breweries, gratuity for the servers and bartenders who wait on the group and transportation/gas.  Breweries do not pay us to visit – we pay them for the beers you drink – that’s what most of your fare covers.

2.  Can I byob?

We encourage out guests to purchase merchandise and togo beers from the breweries we visit.  It's all about the and the amazing things they are doing and we want out guests to support them.   If a can or two gets opened while on the bus...  so be it.  Just please do not spill or get sloppy drunk.

3. What does the tour include & what is the ticket price?

Other than fun with friends and family, the tour includes transportation to four local breweries in four hours, 1 full pint of local craft beer at every stop, behind the scenes tours at the discretion and availability of the breweries on the tour, bottled water and coolers with ice to keep your growlers cold.  The ticket price is $55.  Every rider must have a ticket.

4.  Do you have to be over 21?  Can I bring my infant or toddler or 15 year old?

In accordance with Federal and State Law, all participators in the BrewHop STL experience must be 21 or over. IDs will be checked prior to entering the bus.

We are unable to accommodate infants, toddlers or any minors under the age of 21.

5. Do we get food on the tour?

Food is not provided.  We highly recommend eating a solid meal prior to your tour experience.  You are welcome to bring water, non-alcohol beverages and light snacks on the bus.

6. Can I show up the day of, without a reservation?

If there is available seating on the bus, you’re more than welcome to join! Exact cash or credit/debit accepted.

7. If I’m not drinking do I have to pay for a ticket?

We do offer a non-drinker ticket. You get the same experience minus the booze.  Non-Drinker tickets are $35 and available on the booking page.

8.  Do you have a cancellation policy?

Stuff comes up, we get it. You will be missed. While we don't offer refunds, we can absolutely book you on another tour as long as you let us know 72 hours before your tour date!  Cancellation occurring within 72 hours of tour or no shows will not receive refund or rescheduling of the tour. BrewHop STL reserves the right to cancel tours due to unsafe weather or unfavorable roadways. Consideration for such circumstances is determined by the tour guide/driver. At time of tour cancellation due to said circumstances, all available efforts will be taken to notify the scheduled customers.

9.  Where do I park and can I leave my car there overnight?

Overnight, cheap, and/or gated parking is available near all tour meeting spots – why do you think we meet there?!? Your driver will have a resource of cab numbers that he or she is happy to share with you. Do you want to know how to multiply the cost of your beer tour by 1000? Get pulled over.

10.  Is tipping required?

Tipping is not required!  But tips are graciously welcomed and accepted. If you enjoy the experience your driver provided, show them some love!  Any tips you give the driver are 100% theirs to keep!

11. How long will the tour last?

Tour typically last 3.5 - 5 hours depending on the breweries visited, and travel times.

12. Can the bus accommodate guests with mobility challenges?

We will do our best to assist guests who have mobility issues, and work with our breweries to accommodate them. However, please keep in mind that most of our tours will require that guests be able to do at least a few of the following: Stand or walk for periods of 10-45 minutes during brewhouse tours, climb stairs, get in and out of picnic table-style seating and/or high top chairs. Our current bus is, unfortunately, not wheelchair accessible, and guests will need to be able to walk up about four stairs to board.

13. What should I bring with me?

We do our best to provide everything you might need. All you need to bring is curiosity, a good attitude and a method of payment for any food, additional beer or merchandise you might purchase along the way. We provide a cooler full of bottled water (with extra room for any to-go beer you might buy).

14.  Is BrewHop STL a party bus?  What happens if I drink too much?

Thanks for asking. We are absolutely not a party bus. Our goal is to help you explore and understand craft beer, not to get you drunk. Our tours are very structured, and we keep a tight timetable. We do not tolerate guests who become too intoxicated or abusive to our team, other patrons or the staff/patrons of the breweries we visit. If you are looking for transportation from bar to bar, so you can safely drink, we can refer you to companies offering that service.

We reserve to right to deny alcohol service to any guest who becomes too intoxicated or behaves disrespectfully on the bus or in any of the breweries. In extreme cases, we will ask a guest to leave the tour and provide him/her with cab transportation back to the pick-up spot or home. We encourage responsible drinking, and suggest that every group designate a driver, or get a ride/taxi/Uber/Lyft to and from the pick-up/drop-off location. We also reserve the right to refuse boarding to any guest who we suspect may already be intoxicated.

15.  Are you guys dumb?  You spelled a bunch of stuff wrong and your grammar is horrible!

We love beer and are so excited to share that with people, we sometimes type a little fast and make mistakes.  We are beer people not copywriters.  If you find an error, do us a solid and shoot an email to and we will take a look!

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